Tula SKS – 7.62×39 – Mfg 1953 – Russian – CDI – Chrome Lined – #′s Matching

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Tula SKS semi-automatic rifle in 7.62×39. Serial number- CCCP09734. This SKS is in great condition with an EXCELLENT BORE. All serial numbers match! It comes with the original oil can, cleaning kit, and eleven stripper clips! It features a bayonet and a solid synthetic stock! The history of the SKS began in Russia when it was adopted in 1945. SKS45 was designed by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. SKS is an acronym for Samozaryadniy Karabin Sistemi Simonova (Simonov’s self-loading carbine system). However, the war ended shortly after and the production took a back seat to reconstruction of the nation. Production was delayed until 1949 but it was quickly phased out as a frontline weapon in 1951. It was replaced by the AK47. SKS45 production ended in early 1956. It had a rather short production life (only 7 years) in Russia but by no means it's the end of the SKS. It was reborn in China when the SKS tooling, specification and spare parts from Tula Arsenal was moved to Jianshe factory (aka factory 26). There it lived for another 25 years producing millions of SKS, many more smaller factories joined in the production of SKS and they were located all over China.