Winchester Model 12 – 12 Gauge – MFG 1924 – 2 3/4〞 Chamber – Pump-Action

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Winchester Model 12 pump-action shotgun in 12 gauge. Serial number-381074. This shotgun features a 30-inch barrel, 2 3/4" chamber, 14 1/4" length of pull, and a fixed full choke. Note it appears the stock was extended or repaired. After running a serial number lookup, we believe this shotgun was manufactured in 1924. Popularly named the Perfect Repeater at its introduction, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns over its 51-year high-rate production life. The Winchester Model 1912 (also commonly known as the Model 12, or M12) is an internal-hammer pump-action shotgun with an external tube magazine. Popularly named the Perfect Repeater at its introduction.