Auto Ordinance Thompson M1927 A1

Auto Ordinance Thompson M1927 A1


For sale is an Auto Ordinance Thompson M1927 A1 semi-automatic pistol in .45 ACP. Serial number- KJ2957. This gun is in good condition and comes with a violin case, manual, a 10-round stick magazine, a 30-round stick magazine, & a 50-round drum magazine. After a long hiatus and great demand, the Thompson Pistol has returned to the market! The Thompson Deluxe Pistol TA5 is lightweight, with a 10.5" barrel length and a walnut, horizontal foregrip. Included with the Thompson TA5 is one of the most famous accessories, the 50 round drum magazine.
The Thompson submachine gun is a historical firearm. Each model is the union of the original design, quality materials, and fine workmanship. Each gun thus represents an American legacy preserved. Tommy guns were carried by the police and gangsters in the 20’s; then trusted by the troops in WWII. Find out how it feels to carry a piece of history before legislature and politics put this design back on the shelf.
Barrel Length: 10.5
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: KJ2957

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