Browning Citori Lightning Grade 1 – 20ga

Browning Citori Lightning Grade 1 – 20ga


For sale is a Browning Citori Lightning Grade 1over-under shotgun in 20ga accepting 3" shells and features ejectors. Serial number- 28299NX763. This shotgun is in good condition and comes with a top FULL choke and the bottom one is missing. The lightning-style rounded pistol grip It offers a more open grip than full pistol grip designs. Many shooters feel this gives a slight speed-to-shoulder advantage. It represents a midpoint in design between ultra-speedy straight grips and extremely stable full pistol grips. If offers excellent control for whatever you are after — fast-flying waterfowl, upland game or just shooting fun. Matching the rounded pistol grip is the forearm. It is nicely rounded at the fore-end and together, they give the name to this over under gun as "Lightning Style," or in this case, the Citori Lightning model.
Barrel Length: 28
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1993

Serial Number: 28299NX763

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