Japanese Type 26 – 9x22mmR

Japanese Type 26 – 9x22mmR


For sale is a Japanese Type 26 double action only revolver in 9x22mmR. Serial number- 15838. Please see the photos to determine the condition of the revolver. Manufactured at the Tokyo Artillery Arsenal (Koishikawa, Tokyo) beginning in 1894, it was an interesting-looking design. Double-action-only and chambered for a unique 9 mm rimmed blackpowder cartridge, the six-shooter borrowed major features from various American and European handguns. Though serviceable, the gun had one serious drawback—the cylinder locked only when the trigger was pulled. Otherwise, it free-wheeled, which meant that if the shooter fired only some of the gun’s rounds and then replaced it in the clamshell holster, it would be possible to inadvertently turn the cylinder so the hammer would fall on a spent case.
Barrel Length: 4.75
Bore condition: Good

Serial Number: 15838

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