U.S. Springfield 1892 / 1896 Krag – .30-40 Krag

U.S. Springfield 1892 / 1896 Krag – .30-40 Krag


For sale is a Springfield 1892 / 1896 Krag bolt-action rifle in 30-40 Krag. Serial number- 21979. Mfg. 1896. This rifle is in amazing condition considering it is almost 130 years old! The bore good looks great, the stock is smooth with only some minor dings/dents, and there is little to no pitting or rust on the barrel, receiver or bore. However, it appears the front sight was replaced with a more modern sporting front sight as well as the back sight. It appears it has been sporterized, reblued, and we believe the barrel has been cut and the stock converted to an M1896 model. Please see the photos to assess the condition for yourself. There is some writing under the Springfield Armory stamp.

The Krag Model 1898 Rifle was the first smokeless powder repeating firearm adopted by the United States. Only 5,001 Model 1898 carbines were manufactured by Springfield Armory. The Springfield Model 1892–99 Krag–Jørgensen rifle is a Norwegian-designed bolt-action rifle that was adopted in 1892 as the standard United States Army military longarm, chambered in U.S. caliber .30-40 Krag. All versions and variants were manufactured under license by the Springfield Armory between 1892 and 1903 and famously served as the longarm during the Spanish–American War. Although Krags were popular, unique, and efficient, the side loading gate mechanism was slow and cumbersome to reload in combat compared to the clip loaded Spanish Mausers the Krag was up against.
Barrel Length: 21
Bore condition: Good
Year Manufactured: 1896

Serial Number: 21979

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