V. Bernardelli Bodeo Model 1889 – 10.35mm

V. Bernardelli Bodeo Model 1889 – 10.35mm


For sale is a V. Bernardelli Bodeo Model 1889 single-action revolver in 10.35mm Ordinanza Italiana. Serial number- 5030. This revolver is in fair condition but please note that the hammer spur is broken so it will not fire. The bore also has rust and pitting. It comes with a leather holster. The right side has a 1932 and V. Bernardelli stamp on the left side. RA Guardia Di Finanza Stamp and Crest on the right side. This means the revolver was an Italian Police issued revolver. The Bodeo Model 1889 was an Italian revolver named after the head of the Italian firearm commission, Carlo Bodeo. It was produced by a wide variety of manufacturers between 1889 and 1931 in both Spain and Italy. The Bodeo was employed by the Royal Italian Army in World War I, the Interwar Italian colonial wars, and World War II.
Barrel Length: 4.5
Bore condition: Fair
Year Manufactured: 1932

Serial Number: 5030

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