D4 Gun Giveaway Reflects the Sign of the Times

Does all this COVID-19 negativity got you down? Are your local stores sold out of firearms, disinfectant and toilet paper? Not to worry, D4 Guns has an answer!
In this month’s gun giveaway, D4 Guns is putting together the perfect preparedness kit for this month’s giveaway to loyal customers which will include a few rolls of toilet paper, Clorox disinfectant and a Glock 19.

Over the last several weeks D4 Guns has been listening to customer concerns about the current COVID-19 crisis and how it’s impacting their ability to acquire firearms and other products. The worry and stress that’s affecting people seems just as bad as the COVID-19 virus itself.

“We thought, ‘how can we help?’ We’re a small company but we believe we can help people think positively, laugh a little and perhaps we can use our current resources to make a small difference,” said John Dunlap, President and Founder of D4 Guns. “If we can ease the burden of someone and put a smile on their face by giving away some of our resources, we’ve done some good. So, to try to cheer-up our customer base and fight the current COVID-19 negativity with positivity, we’re offering a “COVID/GLOCK-19 Giveaway.”

The giveaway package includes:
One (1) Glock 19 Gen 4
One (1) package of Clorox Disinfectant Wipes
Three (3) toilet paper rolls

To enter the giveaway, participants must complete the actions of the giveaway HERE

Parting Note: In all seriousness, D4 Guns understands the sensitivity to the virus and how it’s impacting Americans. We’re doing everything we can as a business to follow our local leaders advice and Center for Disease Control’s recommendation to protect our employees and customers. We urge our customers and all Americans to try and see the good, be grateful for what they have, think positively and come together to help others. Let’s not forget about our mental health!