Rifle scopes, light attachments, laser sightings, night vision optics, handgun scopes and optics, range finders, laser scopes and optics, scope mounts and spotting scopes are among the many gun accessories that are available at D4 Guns. We boast a large selection of modern accessories to compliment the latest tactical and hunting rifles and handguns while also offering a robust inventory of vintage gun accessories to give old guns their period correct mounts and classic scopes from a plethora of manufacturers. Our knowledgable staff understands how important it is to some collectors to pair older rifles with their correct mounting rings and scopes available during their production to give guns the same classic look and increase their collectability. D4Guns.com has many different options to fulfill those needs. Simultaneously, we also serve those looking to upgrade rifles with the latest and advanced scope and optic technology available from today’s offerings. We have an abundance of these kind of scopes in our inventory as well. Whether it is pairing classic American hunting rifles with scopes they were built to use or adding state of the art, modern scopes or attachments, look no further than the accessories available at D4Guns.com.

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A Brief Overview of Rifle Scopes History 

In a book titled, “The Improved American Rifle,” written by John Chapman documented the first successful use of a telescopic sight. It was made by gunsmith Morgan James. Chapman gave James the concepts and some of the design resulting in the production of the Chapman-James sight. Years later, optician William Malcolm began producing his own telescopic […]
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