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What Makes the Magnum Research Desert Eagle Special?

When there’s a burglar at your neighbor’s house. Across the street. Behind a couple walls and the big screen. It’s time to pull out the Desert Eagle.

When it comes to power in a semiautomatic handgun, put your trust in the Desert Eagle. The weight, size and power are formidable.

This version from Magnum Research sports a full Picatinny rail atop the barrel with eight mounting slots for optics, lights or laser sights. The barrels (2) feature polygonal rifling.

This is a fine pistol for standard targets, hunting and silhouette shooting.

Why Do You Need THIS Gun?

Desert Eagle meme

This Desert Eagles features an enhanced gas operating system, ergonomically designed ambidextrous safety levers and a DuraCoat finish. DuraCoat is a two-part chemical coating made specifically for preserving and protecting firearms. With normal use and care, DuraCoat should extend the life of this Desert Eagle by decades.

Sights include a drift-adjustable rear sight and ramp-style front sight.

This attractive package includes two barrels and two magazines, one each for .44 Remington Magnum and .50 AE. The diameter of the .50 AE and .44 Rem. Mag. are the same, so the operator only needs to swap the barrel and magazine to begin firing a different cartridge.

The .50 Action Express is one of the most powerful handgun cartridges ever made. With the standard 300 gr, expect a velocity of 1,475 ft/s and energy at 1,449 ft⋅lbf.

Every Gun Tells A Story. Here’s Magnum Research Desert Eagle‘s Story.

Magnum Research Inc. designed and developed the Desert Eagle between 1979 and 1982. Between 1982 and 1995, Israel Military Industries further refined and manufactured the pistols. Saco Defense took over manufacturing in 1995, but Magnum Research switched back to Israel Military Industries in 1998. Israel Weapon Industries manufactured these guns between 2005 and 2009. Magnum Research Inc. has been the manufacturer since 2009.

Kahr Arms acquired Magnum Research Inc. in 2010, but manufacturing still occurs at the Magnum facility in Pillager, MN.

The Desert Eagle has appeared in hundreds of movies, T.V. shows and video games. According to leadership at Magnum Research, the commercial success of the pistol can largely be attributed to the company actively soliciting product placements in movies. Before the turn of the millennium, you might have recognized the Desert Eagle in Eraser, Rambo III, and the gun in The Matrix that took down Neo himself.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle for Sale

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Original Designer: Bernard C. White of Magnum Research Inc. and Arnolds Streinbergs of Riga Arms Institute

Catalyst for Manufacture: The idea was to create a gas-actuated, high caliber pistol.

Maker: Magnum Research

Model: Desert Eagle

S/N: 36204393

Special Characteristics:

  1. Caliber: .44 Remington Magnum or .50 A.E.
  2. Barrel Length: 6 inches or 10 inches
  3. Capacity: 8+1 or 7+1
  4. Finish: Black Oxide
  5. Grip: Black Synthetic
  6. Length: 10.75 inches or 14.75 inches
  7. Weight: 71.2 ounces or 83.3 ounces

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