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What Makes The Shilen DGA-M Special?

The high-quality Shilen DGA-M action was discontinued in 1990. Shilen actions and barrels are celebrated for their quality.

Why Do You Need THIS Gun?

This custom-built rifle is in like-new condition. It features .338 Winchester Magnum, 24″ Heavy octagon barrel and Shilen DGA-M action.

Because the Shilen DGA-M action was discontinued in 1990, this rifle is both rare and coveted.

Beautiful checkering is the cherry on top of an already fine firearm.

Every Gun Tells A Story. Here’s Shilen DGA-M’s Story.

Edward Michael Shilen, better known as Ed Shilen, was the founder of Shilen Rifles, Inc. He was born on January 27, 1931 and he passed away on December 7, 2015.

His DGA-M action is widely known for its exceptional quality. We at D4 Guns tip our hat to Shilen and hope he rests well. In celebration of Shilen’s accomplishments, we respectfully present the following excerpt from his obituary.

“In 1966, he moved his family to Irving, Texas, to build a new business based upon the love of his hobby of Competition Benchrest Shooting, and his pursuit of extreme accuracy in the Shooting Industry. The business grew and he moved Shilen Rifles, Inc. to Ennis, Texas in 1974. His love of competition and shooting led him to set numerous World Records, leading to an induction into the Benchrest Hall of Fame.”

Original Designer: Various
Catalyst for Manufacture: Various
Maker: (Action) Shilen
Model: (Action) DGA-M
S/N: 2821
Special Characteristics:

  1. .338 Winchester Magnum
  2. 24″ Heavy octagon barrel
  3. Shilen DGA-M action – discontinued in 1990
  4. Excellent bore
  5. Beautiful checkering

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