Arminius HW6 – .32 S&W – 7 Shot – Revolver – LOOK! German

This is a no reserve penny auction for an Arminius HW6 revolver in .32 S&W. Serial number- 1202836. This revolver is in good condition with a good bore. It features some minor finish wear and a 7rd cylinder with good timing and lock up. Arminius is a line of revolvers manufactured by Weihrauch & Weihrauch GmbH & Co. KG, of Mellrichstadt, Germany, a manufacturer of target and sporting air rifles, air pistols, and cartridge rifles and pistols. Weihrauch's first model revolver was the HW-3 produced in 1960, followed in 1962 by the HW-4, and since 1965 the HW-5. These revolvers were named after the chief of the Germanic Cherusci tribe, Arminius (Latinized name) who led Teutonic warriors to victory against Rome during the later stages of Roman Emperor Augustus' reign.