Barrett .416 Barrett VLD – 395gr – Solid Brass – 10 Rounds – BFM12178

Barrett – .416 Barrett VLD – 395gr – SB (Solid Brass) – 10 Rounds – MFG PART #BFM12178 – UPC: 151550009224. Please note: the manufacturer box artwork and design make differ from what is depicted in the photo. This is .416 Barrett 395gr. Very Low Drag Solid Brass Ammo. To achieve the VLD the projectile must minimize air resistance in flight. Bullets with a lower drag coefficient decelerate less rapidly. A low drag coefficient flattens the projectile's trajectory and also markedly decreases the lateral drift caused by crosswinds. The higher impact velocity of bullets with low drag coefficients means they retain more kinetic energy. Demand has been greatest from military snipers, long range target shooters, including F-class and benchrest competitors, but hunters have also benefited.