COLT – SAA P1950 3rd GEN – .44-40 Win – Mfg. 1993- Beautiful!

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Colt SAA P1950 revolver in .44-40 Win. Serial number-S04150A. After running a serial number lookup, we've determined it was manufactured in 1993 which makes it a 3rd Gen! This revolver is in overall great condition. The bore is in excellent condition, with the rifling still clear and visible. This is beautifully Blued and Case Hardened in color. It also sports a 5 1/2 inch barrel and original Colt grips! The lock-up is tight and the timing is fantastic. The famous cocking sound and cylinder clicks of this revolver are amazing! This Colt comes with the original Blue collectors box, original paperwork and manuals, as well as the White sleeve that has the original Colt information Label. This Colt is clean and well kept. A beautiful addition to any Colt collection!
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<br />The Colt Single Action Army is one of the most recognizable and replicated handguns in history. In fact, the Colt SAA Six shooters were chambered in .44-40 Winchester rather than the usual .45 Colt. So that lawmen, cowboys, and frontiersmen traveling and settling the western United States had a round that could be used in both their rifle and their revolver. The combo of the Winchester Model 1887 or 1892 with a Colt Single Action Army chambered in .44-40 was the most common rifle/revolver combo found in the Old West. It is time to add this revolver to the collection!
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<br />Please see all photos for complete condition of this Colt and Accessories.
<br />** Note: The white sleeve end is torn, no longer attached.