Federal American Eagle .50 BMG – 660gr – 100 Round Case -XM33C – 50BMG

Federal – .50 BMG – American Eagle – 660 Grain – FMJ – 100 round case. MFG PART #XM33C. Muzzle Velocity: 2910 fps. Energy: 12413 ft/lb. This ammunition is factory in new condition and comes in the original box. Boxes are in new condition. his Federal American Eagle 50 BMG ammunition is loaded with a 660 grain Full Metal Jacket bullet, which provides for higher muzzle velocities. In fact, the Federal American Eagle 50 BMG load features a velocity of up to 2910 fps. It would be an understatement to say that these cartridges are great for long-range target shooting, as they boast a range of over 4 miles! Like all Federal American Eagle ammunition, the 50 BMG provides reliable feeding and great ballistics. This Federal American Eagle 50 BMG ammunition is perfect for target shooting, competition shooting, long-range hunting, and long-range shooting. This American Eagle ammunition was produced by Lake City Arsenal to NATO specifications.