Gewehr 43 – 7.92×57 Mauser – WWII Gustloff Werke Stamps – G43 – 1944 – RARE

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Gewehr 43 semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.92x57mm / 8mm Mauser made by Gustloff Werke in 1944. Serial number- 9408. This rifle is in amazing condition and comes with a 10-round magazine. The BCD code found on the receiver just above the serial number indicates this rifle was manufactured by Gustloff Werke. We also believe this rifle was fairly early in the production line as the G43 was renamed the K43 in April 1944. This rifle still has the G43 stamp on the receiver rather than the later K43. The bore is in excellent condition and the action works smoothly.
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<br />The Gewehr 43 also known as the Karabiner 43, G43, &/or K43 was a semi-automatic rifle adopted by the German Army about halfway through WWII to replace the obsolete bolt-action Mauser Kar 98ks. Based on the earlier G41(W), the G43 incorporated an innovative short-stroke piston system they found in the Soviet SVT-40 rifle. The piston system fixed the problems the G41 was having and nearly 400,000 Gewehrs were made between 1943 and 1945. These rifles can be hard to find in the US. Many are in collections that don&apos;t become available very often so don&apos;t miss out on the opportunity to own a genuine G43!
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<br />Please ensure that you carefully examine all of the photos provided in order to accurately assess the condition of the rifle..
<br /> Note the magazine is aftermarket and we also replaced some missing locking lugs. We recommend having the firearm inspected by a Gunsmith before firing to check the head spacing and that the firearm is safe to fire.