Marlin Model 9 – 9mm – Camp Carbine – XLNT Condition – MFG 1993

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Marlin Model 9 Camp Carbine Semi-Auto Rifle in 9mm. Serial number – 07690282. This rifle is in excellent overall condition and comes with (1) 12-round magazine, and was manufactured in 1996.

The Marlin Model 9 was designed as a utility firearm to be used around hunting camps for foraging or defense. The carbine operates by direct blowback. The stock was made of walnut-finished Maine birch. The Camp Carbine uses a detachable magazine that inserts into the magazine-well in front of the trigger guard. The Camp-9 rifle uses magazines from the 59-series S&W pistols. The Camp-9 magazine-well is sized for 12-round magazines to fit flush with the bottom, but magazines with higher capacities fit and extend beyond the bottom of the well. Please see the photos to assess the condition of this rifle for yourself.