Norinco NHM 91 – 7.62×39 – Chinese – RPK Clone – Bipod – NHM91- AK – 1992

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Norinco NHM 91 semi-automatic rifle in 7.62×39. Serial number- 9203541. This NHM 91 is in great condition with an excellent bore and includes two 30-round magazines. It features a bipod and a threaded barrel. Please note the thread protector appears to be tacked on as we can not remove it from the barrel. All SNs are matching! A civilian semi-auto variant of the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle, the NHM-91 was built to imitate the appearance of the Russian RPK light machine gun. First imported and marketed in the United States in 1991 by ChinaSports Inc., NHM-91's were modified to meet the requirements of a 1989 Executive Order by President George H. W. Bush prohibiting importation of certain 'assault rifle' configurations of military-style semi-automatic rifles such as the Norinco AKM/AK-47.