RARE RJ Braverman Prototype Folding Mini Frame Revolver – .32 ACP – MFR – C

This is a no reserve penny auction for a RJ Braverman Prototype Folding Revolver in .32 ACP. Serial number- FPR172. This revolver is in great condition and comes with a soft case. It was advertised as an upcoming product but never made it into production. An unknown number of prototype guns were made, most likely for testing. It's double action only, firing from the bottom cylinder, and has no extractor. There is a manual safety that retracts the firing pin. The grooves cut on the back of the cylinder allow you to get a fingernail under the case rim. The grip has a spring loaded pin that locks it open when you unfold it.

All of the Braverman guns and the derivatives from other companies (Stinger in particular) have been engineering marvels and all made in very limited quantities and all are considered collectors items. This pistol is a must for any covert, rare, unique, Braverman or Stinger collector.