Romanian Type 1 AKM Bayonet – 5.75in – AK47 – Bakelite Grip – w/ Scabbard

This is a no reserve penny auction for a 5.75in Romanian Type 1 AKM Bayonet. This bayonet is in good condition and with some minor rolling on the edge of the blade. Comes with a scabbard! The AKM rifle was introduced in 1960. Among other things, the updated AK47 variant included a bayonet lug. Much easier and cheaper to manufacture than the AK47, production and use of the AKM went worldwide. The inclusion of a bayonet lug allowed for a more conventional bayonet. However, the new bayonet design, what we refer to as the AKM Type I, was far from conventional. It was as groundbreaking as the Kalashnikov itself. It incorporated a number of features, making for an incredibly versatile bayonet. The one-piece molded plastic grip & pommel; and stainless steel blade made the bayonet impervious to rust and rot. The unfullered clip-point blade had sawteeth along the spine. The steel scabbard body had a lug at the point that engaged a window cut into the blade, so that bayonet and scabbard could be combined as a wirecutter.