Savage Model 69 RXL Series E – 12 Gauge – Pump Action – Riot – Self-Defense

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Savage Model 69 RXL Series E pump-action shotgun Serial number – E268803. This Model 69 RXL is in great condition and features an 18.5" barrel with a fixed cylinder choke and a good bore. It is chambered for 2 3/4 in and 3 in shells. Early in the Vietnam War, the Stevens Arms Company received orders for military riot guns from the Department of Defense. The shotguns saw wide usage during U.S. involvement in Vietnam, especially among Military Police, though with infantry & other units as well. Some also went to the Vietnamese. Reportedly, 60,920 riot guns were delivered to the U.S. Armed Forces or allies beginning in 1963. Though originally intended primarily for the Vietnamese, the need for shotguns by U.S. troops resulted in thousands being issued to U.S. personnel. Widely used during the Vietnam War the involvement of Savage/Stevens shotguns is relatively unknown outside of U.S. military collectors. This later & updated 69RXL version was often used by law enforcement & by civilians as home security arms.