Springfield Armory 1863 U.S. Percussion Rifle Musket – Type 1

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Springfield Armory 1863 U.S. Percussion Rifle Musket in .58 Caliber. This rifle is one of the most iconic long guns of the U.S. Civil War. Manufactured by Springfield Armory, this musket is in good to fair condition for its age. There appears to be no significant damage to this rifle overall. The action on this rifle functions, however you need to push the trigger forward while cocking to get the hammer to set. The stock has been sporterized and metal is intact, however, there is surface rust present. Considering the age of this gun, the bore is in fair condition with rust present. This rifle does not have a ramrod or rear sight. The Springfield Model 1863 was produced by the Springfield Armory between 1863 and 1865. The Model 1863 was a minor improvement over the Springfield Model 1861. As such, it is sometimes classified as just a variant of the Model 1861. The Model 1861, with all of its variants, was the most commonly used longarm in the American Civil War, with over 700,000 manufactured. The Model 1863 also has the distinction of being the last muzzle-loading longarm produced by the Springfield Armory.