Springfield M1 Garand – 30-06 – CMP Certified – 1945 – WWII Era – W/ Case!

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Springfield M1 Garand semi automatic rifle in .30-06 SPRG. Serial number- 3653625. Manufactured in 1945. This M1 Garand is in good condition and comes with a hardcase, CMP certificate, manual, and clip. Features a "P" proof mark on the grip. Muzzle erosion is "0", and throat erosion is "2". Barrel is marked "2-8-A-8-43" Little discussion can be had on the subject of American infantrymen in World War Two without the mention of the highly-acclaimed M1 Garand rifle. As the standard infantry rifle of the Second World War GI, the Garand saw combat throughout theaters in Europe with the United States Army and especially in the Pacific with the United States Marine Corps. The M1 Garand served as the standard-issue rifle of the US military during WWII and the Korean War.