Springfield Model 15 – .22 LR – Single-Shot – Look! – C

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Springfield Model 15 bolt action single-shot rifle in .22 LR. Serial number -NA. This model 15 in in good condition with a good bore. Please refer to photos as the stock has been repaired and there are dents and scratches on the surfaces due to use and age. The Model 15 was intended for the boy’s rifle market and was favored for use by the Boy Scouts of America. Most of the Stevens Model 15s had a 22 in. barrel and an overall length of 37 in. They usually tipped the scales at 3.75 lbs. Technically a bolt-action, it was a simple single-shot design, one that locked by turning the bolt handle downward. Its short design allowed the bolt handle to lie directly above the trigger. This Stevens-Springfield Model 15 rifle had 24 parts in total. For a boy’s rifle that meant very few to break or lose.