STI H.O.S.T. Tactical DS TR 4.0 – .45 ACP – OG Case + Much More – 2011 RARE

This is a no reserve penny auction for an STI H.O.S.T. Tactical DS TR 4.0 semi-automatic pistol chambered in .45 ACP. Serial number- TG28864. This pistol is in excellent condition with an excellent bore. It comes with a load of extras including the original box, carry case, manual/paperwork, lock, barrel bushing tool, sticker, a flush fit magazine, and a 14-round magazine.

STI International’s patented 2011 technology gives the STI Tactical DS 4.0 TR more firepower advantage than 1911 tactical pistols without greatly increasing the size of the grip. Combining this advantage with less felt recoil and other popular 2011 features, the STI Tactical is a superior pistol for all personal protection applications. New for 2012, the STI Tactical DS 4.0 TR fulfills an important part of the ‘STI Tactical Family’ line of pistols. Building on the popularity of the 5.0 version, the STI Tactical DS 4.0 TR delivers the same high capacity, accuracy, and dependability in a more compact package with an aluminum frame to lighten the pistol even further. The STI Tactical DS 4.0 TR is well suited for multiple applications, ranging from police and SWAT teams requiring a back up firearm with a light rail and high capacity, to the individual demanding a high performance pistol with special features for personal protection. The tactical rail milled into the dust cover of the frame accepts all industry standard light mounts.