Thompson Center Contender G1 – .223 Rem – Break Action Pistol! – TC Scope

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Thompson Center Contender single-shot pistol in .223 Rem. Serial number- 28629. This TC is in great condition and has a superb bore!. The Contender is the most recognizable single-shot pistol produced by Thompson/Center Arms. The Thomspon/Centre single-shot pistol has been in existence since the late 1960s and has proved a very successful design. It has been made available in almost every possible caliber at various times; the company is a small one and staffed by practical men who, if they see a trend, can rapidly produce barrels to suit. The first unique feature is the way the barrel is attached to the frame. By removing the fore-end; a large hinge pin is exposed, by pushing this hinge pin out, the barrel can be removed. Since the sights and extractor remain attached to the barrel in the Contender design, the frame itself contains no cartridge-specific features. A barrel of another caliber can be installed and pinned in place, the fore-end replaced, and the pistol is ready to shoot with a different barrel and pre-aligned sights. This allowed for easy changes of calibers, sights, and barrel lengths, with only a flat screwdriver being required for change-out.