Turkish Gewehr- 8mm Mauser – MFG 1939 – ASFA Ankara

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Turkish Gewehr bolt action rifle in 8.57 Mauser. Serial number- 9713. The receiver marking on this rifle is ASFA Ankara – the Turkish armory outside of Ankara Turkey. The stock has been refinished and includes an aftermarket butt pad. Starting in the 1930s, the Turks completely rebuilt the 1888 commission rifles the Germans had given them in WWI. These are sometimes called the Turkish 1888/35. Most importantly, they replaced the barrels, so that the bore diameter is the modern 8×57 Mauser, and not the old .318 bore. They also used all new wood – no metal barrel shroud. The new stock was different in that it had an upper hand guard, a semi-pistol grip, and a grommet in the stock for taking down the bolt. PLEASE NOTE: The bolt is not the matching bolt and there is no magazine included.