Winchester 1300 – 12ga – 12 GA – 3in Chamber – Pump Action – Vent Rib!

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Winchester 1300 pump action shotgun in 12GA. Serial number- L2536072. This shotgun is in good condition with an excellent bore and features an installed FULL choke. It has a 28" barrel, 2 3/4" and 3" chamber, a vented rib, bead sight, and a 14" LOP.

No pump shotgun is faster than the Winchester Model 1300. In fact, the Model 1300 is so fast, it is called the the Speed Pump. In more ways than one it’s "the pump that thinks it’s a semi-auto." A fraction of a second after you pull the trigger and fire a Model 1300, the lugs of the ultra-strong rotary bolt begin disengaging from the barrel extension. Recoil forces still present in the gun then assist the slide rearward. You’ll soon find that you will complete the pumping action forward quickly and without conscious effort. In a brief instant you’ve cycled a shell and are ready for a second shot. Speed like this makes a big difference, allowing you to set up for a second shot more quickly and concentrate on your target — not just on pumping.