Winchester 1873 Exhibition Deluxe .44-40 – 1 of 1000 LIMITED RARE Japan

This is a no-reserve penny auction for an Engraved Winchester Model 1873 Exhibition "One of One Thousand" Special order lever-action rifle in .44-40 Win. Serial number- BBCW17E146. That would mean this Ultra Rare rifle has a serial number of 146! 1000 of these were originally specially ordered for The Buffalo Bill Center of the West "BBCOW". The "One of One Thousand" moniker came from one of the most historically significant Winchesters ever made. For this series the model was extensively inspected, and only the finest rifles were embellished with this handsome engraving. This beautiful rifle is in excellent condition with an excellent bore! It comes with the original box and manual. The top of the barrel reads "One of One Thousand". This special edition Winchester sports a 24" octagonal barrel chambered for the .44-40 Win. cartridge! The right side of the receiver is engraved with an elk, and the left side is engraved with a moose. The hammer and lever are case hardened. Engraved flourishes can also be found at the muzzle, top of the barrel and silver for-arm bolsters. This is a one-of kind masterpiece that will top off any collection.