Winchester Model 1873 Kings Improvement 3rd Model – .32 WCF – MFG 1895

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Winchester Model 1873 3rd Model lever-action rifle in .32 WCF. Serial number – 496842B. After running a serial number lookup, we believe this rifle was manufactured in 1895. Features include an octagon barrel, crescent butt-plate, and buckhorn rear sight.

The Model 1873 is one of the most famous rifles in American History. It is often coined "The Gun That Won The West" and served pioneers, Native warriors, cattle rustlers, outlaws, and lawmen during the Old West. It often features in Western Movies alongside the Colt Single Action Army as both guns could be chambered with the same round.

Please refer to the photos as this rifle is in fantastic condition and the bore is immaculate! Considering this rifle is nearly 130 years old the condition is even more amazing. Everything feels excellent and it is everything appears to be functioning! The action runs like a much younger rifle. These 1873s are incredibly collectible especially due to their legendary status as the rifle of choice for outlaws, lawman, and homesteaders in the Wild West.