Winchester Model 1876 – .40-60 Win – Mfg 1884 – Octagonal Barrel – RARE!

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Winchester Model 1876 lever-action rifle chambered in .40-60 Win. Serial number- 47647. This rifle is in fantastic condition it is now 140 years old! The bore has some corrosion but doesn't look bad for a rifle from the black powder age! This is a genuine old west gun and was a more powerful version of the legendary model 1873. It features a 22-inch octagonal barrel, adjustable rear sight, and functions smoothly with no issues.

The Model 1876 Rifle is essentially a larger version of the Model 1873 that was capable of chambering larger-caliber cartridges. These rifles were originally available only in .45-75 caliber and fired a 350-grain bullet. This cartridge delivered twice the energy of the .44-40. In 1879, .50-95 Express and .45-60 W.C.F. cartridges were available, and the .40-60 was added in 1884. The .40-60 Round-barreled Model 1876 rifles were less popular than their octagonal-barreled counterparts. This example, dating from the 1880s, features an adjustable leaf rear sight and fixed blade front sight.