Zastava M98/48 – 8mm Mauser – Yugoslav – Mauser Bolt Action – M48 – M98

This is a no reserve penny auction for a Zastava M48 bolt action rifle in 8mm Mauser. Serial number- M4800275. This M48 is in good condition with nearly perfect bore! It features a 23.25" barrel and all the visible Yugo serial numbers (4776) appear to match. It also displays the Yugoslav crest stamp and the Preduzece 44 (original Zastava name) stamp on the receiver and an importer and caliber stamp on the underside of the barrel. Please Note: This gun has a crack on the top handguard. The M48/98 is a factory rework of a German K98. The Zastava M98/48 (often called Mod.98/48, Model. 98/48, Yugo K98k) was a refurbished bolt-action rifle. This design was a refurbished Mauser Kar98k rifle that had been left-over by Germans or captured by partisans during World War II.