All Hail The Omega III!


H. Koon’s Omega III

Omega III

The culmination of high-quality craftsmanship and firearm design, the Omega III rifle is an extremely rare firearm produced in the 1970’s with only 1000 manufactured. This specific and highly coveted model was designed and manufactured at the original Omega Arms company before Hi-Shear Corp. bought the business and moved production to California.

Best known for their production of detonators for the military and explosive bolts and rescue devices for the aerospace industry, Hi-Shear attempted to branch out into the arms industry by recruiting Homer Koon of Omega Arms to design a rifle for them. The resulting arm, the Omega III, was a beautiful rifle with a curiously short lifespan.

Fewer than a thousand of these pre- Hi-Shear superb rifles currently exist and because of its scarcity, these rifles are hardly seen becoming available in the market and are almost never found in like-new, excellent condition.

Its unique design features a fixed rotary magazine, fully adjustable trigger, both a trigger and bolt safety and octagon receiver. The rifle’s designer Koon felt these features helped with better control of the round feed. This rifle has a fine balance for fast handling, smooth bolt slide with its short lift and close fit, a dependable feed of the rotary magazine, a sensitive yet crisp trigger and the quiet but positive safety.

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