Avoid Extra fees at GunBroker.com by Purchasing at D4Guns.com

For buyers looking to get the most bang for their buck, consider buying a gun at D4Guns.com before finalizing a transaction through GunBroker.com to get better pricing. This is not a knock to GunBroker.com as we do business with them every week with our penny auctions. However,  because it is a market facilitator like Amazon or Walmart, it is required to collect extra fees when finalizing the transaction. By purchasing from D4Guns.com, not only would buyers avoid getting stuck with the extra fees, they would also be supporting small business.

D4 Guns has firearms in our inventory that would excite a wide variety of collectors. We have firearms spanning multiple categories: from Powder horn era firearms, World War II guns, Prohibition era, classic American hunting and modern tactical, there is something that would intrigue many different interests. Our inventory is constantly changing with fresh stock incoming every week. From different calibers and style of guns, there is sure to be something that would appeal to a wide audience whether it is serious collectors of rare guns, high-velocity and large caliber guns, those looking for concealed carry handguns and even firearms that would peak the interest of competitive shooters.

D4Guns has the ability to ship firearms throughout the entire United States because we are a federally licensed dealer. Our staff  has the knowledge and customer service experience that stands out from the competition. For buyers who are looking to save some money and avoid paying unwanted extra fees from brick and mortar guns shops or at GunBroker, take advantage of the early bird prices offered at D4guns.com before they are posted as penny auctions to GunBroker.com.

Because D4Guns.com handles all the complexities and legalities of buying a firearm, buying a gun on our website isn’t too much different than buying other items online.  Our team of knowledgeable professionals spend a lot of time taking photos and documenting our products to ensure customers get a complete digital representation of any firearm available for purchase.

Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that any FFL storefront they choose to have their purchased guns shipped to will be verified the store has a valid federal license to legally receive the gun ahead of time. We also handle all of the transfer paperwork to make it the process easy and organize all logistics on behalf of our customers to determine the fastest way for them to receive their firearm.

We also offer a seven day no questions asked return policy on all firearms purchased through our website. For more details on our return policy, click here.

Don’t wait any longer, take advantage of our early bird pricing now to save money, support small business and experience unparalleled customer service by making the next firearms purchase at D4Guns.com!

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