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What Makes The Nighthawk Custom GRP 1911 Special?

The GRP uses the same parts and expertise that go into the entire Nighthawk line of firearms.

This model, along with all others crafted by Nighthawk Custom, use the “One Gun, One Gunsmith” philosophy. The philosophy dictates that the gun is built and finished by a single gunsmith.

Why Do You Need THIS Gun?

All the components on this pistol are oversized and fully machined, which required detailed craftsmanship to fit.

Both the backstrap and front strap have beautiful checkering that enhance grip.

The beavertail grip safety molds into your hand, thereby enhancing combat readiness while protecting your hand. The firearm also features a highly textured magazine release for great positive release.

The accessory rail allows for installation of lights, lasers and more.

The forward and back serrations on the slide allows for quick and easy racking. Due to the completely custom hand-finishing, the slide movement is especially smooth.

The skeletonized hammer reduces the overall weight of the firearm.

The firearm, while at bench rest, can fire a grouping as tight as one inch at 25 yards.

Every Gun Tells A Story. Here’s Nighthawk Custom GRP 1911’s Story.

There is no assembly line for these firearms. A group of master gunsmiths start with a box of parts and build them into the finest custom 1911 pistols on the market today.

The “GRP” stands for Global Response Pistol. The GRP is the main model in Nighthawk Custom’s Tactical Line of firearms.

The fit, finish and features are truly exceptional.

It makes for an incredible shooter on the range, sure to make your grouping tighter and more accurate.

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Original Designer: Mark Stone is the founder and owner of Nighthawk Custom.
Catalyst for Manufacture: Nighthawk Custom formed in 2003 when some of the gunsmiths from Wilson Combat broke away from the company to produce custom 1911s.
Maker: Nighthawk Custom
Model: GRP 1911
S/N: NC01479
Special Characteristics:

  1. Frame size – Government
  2. Caliber – .45 ACP
  3. Height – 5.4″
  4. Overall Length – 8.65″
  5. Fully machined, oversized components
  6. One Gun, One Gunsmith
  7. Checkering on backstrap and front strap
  8. Beavertail grip safety
  9. Highly textured magazine release
  10. Accessory rail
  11. Forward and back serrations on the slide
  12. Skeletonized hammer

Nighthawk Custom GRP 1911 for sale

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