Featured Gun – STI Apeiro For Sale (SOLD)

What Makes the STI Apeiro Special?

The Apeiro features a unique “Island” barrel. The front sight is dovetailed into the barrel instead of the slide, creating additional material on the top of the barrel.

The increased barrel weight combined with the reduction in slide weight means less recoil and faster cycling with more accurate follow up shots.

The cuts also improve barrel to slide lockup thereby increasing accuracy.

Why Do You Need THIS Gun?

The Apeiro’s slide is stainless steel and features the Sabre-Tooth cuts. CeraKote™ is first applied to the entire slide and the fats are then polished to give it a more durable and attractive two-tone look.

This is an outstanding competition or range gun due to STI’s proprietary FlaTec™ technology which reduces recoil by 30%.

According to STI, the Apeiro 2011 has been used to win more competitions than any other handgun.

The manufacturer also guarantees the gun for life.

Every Gun Tells A Story. Here’s STI Apeiro’s Story.

Everything about this gun is designed to make you shoot faster and more accurately. The STI Apeiro 2011 maintains the great features of 1911, while also adding flare and accuracy. There really aren’t many other production guns out of the case that are as attractive as the STI Apeiro.

STI, manufacturer of the Apeiro 2011, revolutionized competition shooting with its modular frame guns.

“The competitive shooting world was first to recognize and embrace the innovation and its appreciably superior performance advantages. You can more easily put multiple shots on target more accurately and rapidly thanks in large part to its modular assemblies, which helps to transfer kinetic energies on a much flatter plane. The handgun shooter is able to hold and maintain aim more accurately as felt recoil moves horizontally rather than the more typical vertical trajectory,” (Wikipedia).

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Original Designer: Virgil Tripp and Sandy Strayer’s work largely led to the Apeiro 2011.
Catalyst for Manufacture: The desire was to create an M1911-style gun with less recoil by way of a modular frame.
Maker: STI International
Model: Apeiro 2011
S/N: TC4939
Special Characteristics:

  1. Stainless Steel Slide
  2. Long Wide-Frame
  3. Lighter Slide for Less Forward Recoil
  4. Island BBL Makes for Tighter Slide to Barrel Fit
  5. STI Recoil Master Guide-Rod
  6. Oversized Magwell
  7. Ribbed BBL Creates Better Sight Picture
  8. Fiber Optic Front Sight
  9. Adjustable Rear Sight
  10. Ambidextrous Safety
  11. 45 oz

STI Apeiro 2011

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