Featured Rifle: Shiloh Sharps Model 1874 NRA Limited edition commemorative from “Quigley Down Under” Up for Sale!!!

Mathew Quigley, the main character from the movie “Quigley Down Under,” is an American frontiersmen who travels down to Australia to apply his skills as a sharpshooter to accept a job from a wealthy rancher. Quigley’s rifle of choice was the Shiloh Sharps Model 1874, firing 45 caliber 110 grain metal cartridge. The lever-action, double-set trigger, breech loaded rifle fired an “experimental” round that was unusual for the average rifle at the time the film took place. Quigley’s rifle was a custom conversion from a cavalry model breech loader that retained the patch box and saddle ring from that rifle configuration. The older 1863 rifles shot non-metallic paper cartridges loaded from the breech. The falling block served as a way to slice off the end of the paper cartridge and expose the gun powder.

In the film, Quigley’s rifle serves as an extension of himself. His long range shooting with the Sharps rifle steals the scenes during the action sequences by consistently hitting the mark on his targets throughout the film whether it is nailing buckets at considerable distances or snuffing out the goons terrorizing Aboriginal Australians.

A unique and recognizable rifle, it popularized the Shiloh Sharps name the way the Dirty Harry movies popularized the Smith & Wesson Magnum revolvers of that era. A popular rifle that is a favorite among many western movie buffs, it is definitely a rifle that any hardcore fan would die to have in their collection.

Luckily for those who have dreamed of acquiring this type of rifle, here is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to own one as D4 Guns has added one of these fine rifles to its inventory and is currently up for sale. The rifle is a special NRA edition produced by the Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing company of Big Timber, Montana. This special and limited edition firearm is one of 50 that is just like the one that was custom-built for lead actor Tom Selleck, which he used in the film.

Along with the rifle comes a certificate of authenticity signed by lead actor Tom Selleck and Shiloh Rifle Manufacturing President Kirk J. Bryan, a “Quigley Down Under” DVD, corresponding soundtrack and all the custom features listed on the certificate.

Near the breech is a cursive NRA insignia hand engraved by master engraver Suzi Bradley. The engraving was completed utilizing old world engraving methods, meaning no lasers or computer-aided devices were part of the engraving process. The receiver was engraved and inlaid with 24kt gold as part of this limited edition series. Truly an iconic and beautiful piece of weaponry to celebrate the American West and frontiersmen of the era, it would be the centerpiece of any collectors inventory.

To see the firearm in action during the film, check out the link below.