Movie, TV, and Video Game Guns

Movie, TV, and Video Game Guns

From the Modern Warfare video games, the Matrix movie and the Walking Dead television se-ries, there are many iconic guns used by beloved pop culture figures whether it is Agent 47’s Dual 1911 pistols Dirty Harrys .44 Magnum or Agent Smith’s Desert Eagle, there are endless popularized gun models from all different media. Here we will highlight some of the fan favor-ite guns we have in stock to add to a die hard fans collection.

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Featured Gun: FK BRNO 7.5

The FK Brno PSD fires the mean 7.5FK cartridge and can also shoot 9mm, 10mm, and 40S&W. A conversion kit gives the buyer an option for what package the gun will be configured with when ordered from the factory. The FK BRNO PSD is single-action-only pistol and sizable due to its high capacity and serious […]
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