Featured Gun: FK BRNO 7.5

The FK Brno PSD fires the mean 7.5FK cartridge and can also shoot 9mm, 10mm, and 40S&W. A conversion kit gives the buyer an option for what package the gun will be configured with when ordered from the factory. The FK BRNO PSD is single-action-only pistol and sizable due to its high capacity and serious firepower. This pistol can fire the stout 7.5FK cartridge, which can travel out of a 6-inch barrel at around 2,000 feet per second. This beefy ammunition allows the shooter some leverage during a defensive encounter against a large charging animal such as a moose, black bear or grizzly.

It has been referred to as the pistol with carbine ballistics and is part of a new wave of modern firearms technological innovation that combines hallmarks of the past with emerging ammunition selections of the future.

D4 Guns has one of these for sale on our auction channel through GunBroker.com and is our featured gun.

This FK BRNO PSD is in great condition and includes 2 barrels, 4 magazines (2) 7.5 & (2) 9mm, the manual, extra spring and sight, and the original box. The hallmark of the PSD is its easy barrel/caliber conversion, which can be accomplished within a minute while in the field without any tools. Single action, tilting barrel, positive-lock mechanism pistol with a patented recoil attenuating system developed specifically to handle the potent and highly terminal 7.5 FK cartridge. The 7.5 cartridge/pistol system is a compact magazine-fed pistol that is accurate at longer ranges, similar to carbines and large caliber pistols. Although the 7.5 has the ballistic capability of a rifle it is easy to control and engage targets at a distance. The slide is cut with a fully Integrated optic mounting platform suitable for various types of reflex sights. A Three-Point Target Sight is adjustable for windage and the front sight is pre-adjusted for elevation.