Powder Horn Era

Powder Horn Era

From the Colonial Settlement, the American Revolution and the birth of a new nation, black powder firearms were very much part of the colossal changes the United States went through. Flintlock firearms and percussion guns helped shape the United States from a small fledgling colony to an ever-expanding revolutionary nation. These relics of the past are distinguishable by their look, archaic functionality and the brute force expelled from these firearms. These guns reflect a critical period of American history that any history buff or collector with an affinity for the birth and growing pains of a new nation would enjoy owning and collecting.

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Featured Gun: Colt U.S. Cavalry Commemorative 1860 Army Set

The Colt 1860 Army revolver, also known as the Colt U.S. Cavalry revolver, was widely during the American Civil War. The revolver was 44 caliber and the cylinder could be removed for reloading, one of the first of its kind. The gun was known for its reliability and accuracy and both Union and Confederate soldiers […]
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