4 Aces Derringer – Erl Svendsen

4 Aces Derringer – Erl Svendsen


Up for grabs is a 4 Aces Derringer 4 barrel pistol in .22 LR. Serial number- F55500. This was a four-barrel "pepperbox" style gun. Here is a fun one! This derringer features a hammer with a rotating firing pin so that the barrels are fired one at a time rather than all at once. This interesting piece is sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Made by Erl Svendsen. Erl had been manufacturing guns of one kind or another since the 1950’s. . Erl did business as the "Erl Svendsen Firearms Manufacturing Company" (ESFAC) and later as the "4 Ace Manufacturing Company."


Serial Number: F55500

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