Bulgarian Contract DWM Luger RARE

Bulgarian Contract DWM Luger RARE


Up for grabs is a DWM Luger semi-automatic pistol in 9mm. Serial number – 3340. This pistol is in good condition considering its age and comes with 1 magazine. Only 10,000 Lugers were purchased by Bulgaria between 1908-1910 with two different blocks. The serials on the frame, barrel, and grip panels match. The rest of the serials do not match and the Bulgarian crest is missing on the toggle. These pistols were heavily used during WWI and were often sent to DWM for repairs or the Russians took them for their own use after WWII. In addition, many of the 1903 and 1908 purchased guns were converted to 9mm to standardize them during WWII. We know this is a Bulgarian contract Luger due to the Rampant acceptance stamp on the side of the frame as well as on the wooden grip panel. This pistol likely received repairs and conversion by Bulgaria or Germany. This is why the rampant lion is not on the receiver. This is a chance to own an extremely rare variant of an early 20th century Luger. Please note: It is possible the magazine is original or at least from the early 20th century due to the condition of the magazine and the wooden bottom, but a serial is not present so we cannot confirm. Also, the wooden bottom of the magazine is cracked/broken.

The barrel is 4" long and the bore is in excellent condition especially considering its age!

Serial Number: 3340

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