Colt Anaconda

Colt Anaconda


The Colt Anaconda is a revolver that many of us dream about owning. But, we have about as much chance of finding a Colt Anaconda .44 Magnum revolver as we do finding its namesake slithering around our backyards. Of the Colt “snake guns”, the Anaconda is one of the newer ones, and seems to be harder to find than some of the other snake guns.  The Anaconda was produced from 1990-1999. Colt’s first .44 magnum revolver. Big and heavy, it was popular with hunters. Most were in .44, with a small run of four-inch-barreled guns produced in .45 Colt in 1993. The gun came with rubber finger-groove grips.

The design of the Anaconda was based on the look of the Python. The new AA frame was much larger, scaled up to handle the much more powerful cartridge. The barrel look was the same as the classic Python, with a vent rib on top and a full lug underneath. The internal components were different from the Python, however, and were based on the King Cobra/Trooper models.

The Anaconda was only offered in stainless steel (usually a brushed finish, though they did offer some in a high polish finish). It had target-style sights, with a high-visibility red insert in the front and fully adjustable notch rear that had a slight white outline.

This Colt was mfg. in 1993 and is in Great condition and includes a hard case(not original) and the manual. The barrel is 6″ and the bore is in excellent condition.

Serial Number: MM39448

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