Colt CAR-A3 HBAR Elite – 5.56 Nato

Colt CAR-A3 HBAR Elite – 5.56 Nato


For sale is a Colt CAR-A3 HBAR Elite semi-automatic rifle in 5.56 NATO. Serial number- BK005963. This Colt includes a 1/9 twist stainless Heavy barrel and looks to be in excellent condition! Also includes 2 magazines, Magpul adjustable stock, and a sling. For many, some of the most memorable times in one's life are those spent hunting with family and friends. For those moments, rifles like the Colt CR6720 Semi-Auto Rifles are great to have. Designed for the plinker, serious shooter or varmint hunter, Colt's CR6720 is a direct descendant of the rifles that made Colt the small-arms sensation of modern warfare', the original AR-15 design from 1963. The CR6720 has many features that make it right at home on the range on in the field. A flat top receiver will allow for many types of optics and a tubular handguard is comfortable for all day long shooting. With its full floated 20' or 24 in stainless steel heavy barrel and enhanced trigger and hammer, the CR6720 lives up to its name as the Colt Accurized Rifle. The CR6720 is the perfect choice for the shooter who wants the look and feel of the original but requires the accuracy of a modern semi-auto rifle.
Barrel Length: 20.5
Bore condition: Excellent

Serial Number: BK005963

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