Colt Sauer Grand African w/ Redfield Scope

Colt Sauer Grand African w/ Redfield Scope


These high-quality rifles were manufactured in Germany by the firm of J. P. Sauer & Son. Total rifles produced: 27,189 – serial numbers from CR1000 – CR28189 from March 1973 – July 1984.
Colt Arms has designed and produced rifles for military and civilian use since 1835. Introduced in 1971, the Colt-Sauer was a top-of-the-line model for civilian use. It was manufactured in Germany by J. P. Sauer & Son, an old-time arms maker. This combination of American and German talents focused only on a small segment of world market potential.
The fine design of this rifle almost assured its continued, though relatively small, sales. Colt made many types of guns and still attempted to maintain a high standard of quality. It was discontinued in 1985. These very unique rifles with non-rotating bolts and many other designs and engineering features quickly became the favorites of game hunters on all continents. This rifle is About-New and in the condition worthy of the quality with which it was made. You will find almost no higher quality rifle designed in modern years.

This Rifle is in Excellent condition and includes the original magazine, and a Refield 1 3/4x5X Scope also in excellent condition. The barrel is 24″ and the bore is in Excellent condition. Chambered in .458 Win Mag.

Serial Number: CR28102

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