Colt Single Action Army 1st Gen. Mfg. 1879

Colt Single Action Army 1st Gen. Mfg. 1879


Behold, this is a genuine First generation Colt Single Action Army and according to Colt serial records was manufactured in 1879! This revolver is in awesome condition considering its over 130 years old! The lanyard loop is still present, the bore is great condition with some minor pitting, Colt grips, and is chambered in .44-40 WCF.  The barrel is 5.5″ Long. Please Note: There are signs it was refinished due to the faded stamps and excellent condition of the revolver. Nothing can compare to the Colt SAA’s legendary status in American history and pop culture other than maybe the 1911. Storied lawmen and outlaws alike carried this handgun and if you’ve seen a western movie there is a good chance the main characters carried one. This revolver would make an excellent addition to a Western or firearms collection.

Serial Number: 52284

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