Colt Viper RARE

Colt Viper RARE


The Colt Viper was only manufactured for one year (1977), and was an aluminum-framed version of the post-1972 Colt Police Positive Special. In recent years, owing to its limited production run, the Colt Viper is now considered quite the collectible.   The viper did not sell as well as Colt had expected and was discontinued. Original Colt Vipers are extremely rare as the discerning collector will know. This makes it one of the more rare Colt revolvers. Since it’s a Colt “snake gun”, it’s also hunted by collectors seeking to acquire one of each of the Colt revolvers named after snakes. Other than being made in blue or nickel there were no Viper variations.

This revolver is in great condition.  The 4″ Barrel and bore are also in great condition! It includes the soft case.



Serial Number: 99996M

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