Dickinson XXPA 12SB Ermox Hybrid – 12 Gauge

Dickinson XXPA 12SB Ermox Hybrid – 12 Gauge


For sale is a Dickinson XXPA 12SB Ermox Hybrid semi-automatic shotgun in 12 Gauge. Serial number- 204218860. This shotgun is in great condition and comes with the original hard case, sling, and three magazines. Dickinson shotguns are constructed using a new design that allows for strength simplicity of operation and lightweight. You will notice the ease that the barrel fore-end and bolt may be removed as a unit to facilitate cleaning. And the smoothness of function is uniform, whether firing light 2 3/4" shells or heavy 3" shells. All materials are the finest for their intended purpose, assuring years of trouble-free operation. This model is considered a "hybrid" as it features pump-action and semi-automatic operation. This system is excellent as it allows this model to be 100% functional, no matter the situation!
Barrel Length: 18.5
Bore condition: Excellent

Serial Number: 204218860

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