FN Herstal FNC Carbine Sporter

FN Herstal FNC Carbine Sporter


Following the market failure of their previous 5.56mm caliber assault rifle, the CAL, famous Belgian company Fabrique Nationale began to develop the new assault rifle for 5.56 mm. NATO cartridge in the early 1970s. The final design called the FNC (Fabrique Nationale Carbine) was produced circa 1978 and was consequently adopted by the Belgian Armed forces. It was also adopted by Sweden and Indonesia, and both those countries purchased the licenses to build more or less modified FNC carbines at their own facilities. The FNC also was sold to some police forces around the world, and, in limited numbers for civilians as the Sporter Model.

The FNC is a sound design that accumulated best features from other famous designs, such as Kalashnikov AK-47, Colt/Armalite M16, and others.

This rifle is in excellent condition and includes 2 magazines, the sling, and the original manual. The bore is in great condition.

Serial Number: FN034698

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