FN Model 1910 Engraved Browning

FN Model 1910 Engraved Browning


The FN Model 1910 was another excellent semi-automatic pistol that was engineered by the great John Browning. FN first commissioned Browning to build a prototype they could try to sell as military sidearms to various European countries before the outbreak of WWI. In fact a Model 1910 was used to assassinate Austrian Duke Franz Ferdinand setting off the powderkeg that resulted with the First World War. For years to come the 1910 would serve as a common sidearm for military and police around the world.

This 1910 is beautifully engraved with a tight floral scroll and leaf design. All of the engravings are still sharp and crisp with very little wear. It was specially manufactured and engraved by FN with a silver finish in the mid 1960s, the engravings are not a custom commission. It is calibered in 9mm Browning or .380 ACP. Fixed sights with the two-line address on the left side of the slide, Belgian proofs on the barrel, gold wash trigger, grip safety and black polymer grips. Mechanically the pistol is excellent. The barrel is 3.5″ and the bore is in excellent condition!

Serial Number: 542094

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